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Perceive Sestosenso workshop

The Perceive Sestosenso online workshop has taken place on June 9th, involving partners, stakeholders and interested third parties. The workshop has included insights into the Sestosenso project, talks by our invited speakers, and engaging discussions. Together, we have explored challenges, exchanged suggestions, and defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive the success of innovative collaborative robotics application.

The goals of this workshop were:

  • Craft targeted KPIs for enhanced use cases and the overall technology.
  • Establish validation criteria for tangible project outcomes.
  • Identify current challenges and explore potential solutions.

The program has been:

Time Speaker(s) Topic
10:00-10:10 Giorgio Cannata Opening remarks
10:10-10:40 Giorgio Cannata, Alessandro Zanella Sestosenso: Project Overview and Presentation of Use Cases
10:40-11:40   Impulse talks by invited guests
10:40-10:55 Maria Pozzi (UNISI) Human Augmentation by Extra Limbs and Sensorimotor Interfaces
11:00-11:15 Patricia Helen Rosen (BAuA) What Makes a Good Human-Robot Interaction?
11:20-11:35 Nicole Berx (KU Leuven) Cobots and Workplace Safety: It’s About More Than Technology
11:40-12:30   Conclusions
11:40-11:45 Federico Fraboni Insights from the Stakeholder Questionnaire
11:45-12:20 ALL Plenary discussion
12:20-12:30 Federico Fraboni Check-out