COBOT-Worker cooperative assembly

Use case 1
(a) In-line use of upper body exoskeleton, (b) in-line use of COBOTs,(c) workers in proximity working inside a car chassis

In vehicle assembly operations, the process involves workers and several tasks characterized by largely different postures, workloads, and complexity often requiring exoskeletons to reduce the biomechanical load. Additionally, it can be improved by COBOTs that either support heavy parts such as the roof or pick components and tools for the workers.

In this context, the concomitant use of exoskeletons that oversize the workers’ body, represents a possible cause of collision and damage with the other worker and possibly with the COBOT inside the cockpit. This limits the movements of the workers and slows down the process. Moreover, the assistance in keeping the position of the roof and the motions for the pick-n-delivery of components of the COBOTS, create a complex dynamical changing environment where COBOTs, exoskeletons and workers, need to cooperate safely and efficiently.

Use Case 1 will include innovative artificial intelligence for control strategies, and the adequate sensorization of both COBOTs and exoskeletons.